It goes without saying that no online business can run well without being exposed to a good traffic. No traffic would signify no leads which would pave the way for no sales finally leading to the doom of your business. In spite of the fact that traffic is the lifeblood of any business, you may mostly see your webpage’s traffic scale to lie flat as a pancake after logging into Google Analytics. But there is no way to believe that you are the only one; in fact presently there are 164 million blogs in the web out of which 71 percent can manage to procure less than 5,000 visits in a month. No matter whether you run a digital marketing firm or sell software or own an online retail or a hardcore blogger, your online presence requires right content which must be promoted by the SEO Services in order to generate traffic; to be more specific, traffic that can be converted into leads and then, sales.

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Quite common SEO practices that ought to be followed:

If the website is a content-based website, having an impressive title tag, description tag, and keywords tag are the most important. Having inbound and outbound links that carry informative content is always a killer strategy to be ranked higher. Using visual content in the form of images and videos will go a long way in pulling traffic. Promoting the website on Social networking sites cannot be underestimated. Maintaining professional profiles on these platforms is one of the important strategy to increase website traffic. Guest blogging and posting articles on Social directories are sure to increase visitors to a website, but more successful strategy would be to convert articles or content to pdf, podcasts, infographics, videos, or slide show and then submitting them to Social directories like ezinearticles, Goarticles, Articlesbase etc.

Your URL must match the structure of your site:

By this it is meant that the structure of your url should work in sync with your hierarchy. To make it simpler: suppose you offer BPA free water bottle on your daily essentials online retail. Therefore, the SEO services would direct you to make your website look something like: This clearly shows how the url should be broken into website then category then its sub-category, finally landing to the product. By doing this, you would make it easier for the web crawlers to read and also effortless for your audience to navigate.

Craft a low depth webpage:

One of the most important aspect of the SEO Services is to aid you create a webpage that can be easily accessed within a few clicks or taps from the homepage. For generating good traffic, you should aim to make the whole website accessible within 3 clicks or even less. It would be easier for your website to be crawled and therefore, Google will easily find your content and rank it to be explored by your users. So now it’s time to convert words into action to see traffic converting into sales.