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• You are accountable for upholding the confidentiality of your account username and also password; and you accept and agree that you are responsible for every activity that happen under your account, and not Digitalxprt.
• If you do not appreciate our services, we will help you in refunding back your given money. Though we will offer you the best services related to Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, WhatApp Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertisements, and Social media Marketing, if you face any problem in our Delevired Goods or Services, then we offers 90 days Support service.
• You may anytime cancel your project service, if you are not happy by our given services. But while cancellation also, you have to follow our terms in order to got your refund back.
• Digitalxprt even offer you support services that are described on the website, along with additional information, and important details accessible in supporting any documentations. Basic support included in the Digitalxprt services, offers for support help if you are experiencing any kind of difficulty with our services.
• If you’ll buy our Digitalxprt services, you must accomplish it under your account for the entire set of services that you wish to purchase. Services are delivered to you under terms and conditions of this Terms and Services, and Digitalxprt services policy.
• The Terms of Services do not produce or entail any type of partnership, or joint venture between Digitalxprt and you.
• We are looking forward for new approaches to perk up our services.